Monday, August 31, 2009

One Less Thing.

Every time I take a walk with the boys, we walk by a tree bearing these cool seed pods scattered around it's base.  

And as my boys will tell you, every time I can't resist picking one up and carrying it with me the rest of the walk.  I then obsessively wonder (out loud, over and over) what kind of tree it is.

It's a sweetgum.

Googled it today and finally solved the tree mystery.  That's one less thing I do not know.


  1. Oh, I love this little pods. I have some in a bowl here in my house, with pine cones and stuff.

  2. How funny. I do that too. I'll wonder about something forever and usually I'll randomly mention it to my husband who will then proceed to google it. I always think I forgot it was that easy to find information these days.

    I just discovered your blog today and I feel right at home. I love your writing style and I'm sure I'll be visiting often.

  3. Try crushing one of the leaves in your hand. They even smell sweet. :)

  4. I love sweetgum trees. That sounds just like something I would do (wondering out loud and repeatedly) if I were not walking with my husband... and I am thankful when I am because he can always say "that's a...." weather the curiosity is a bird, flower or tree.

  5. they smell sweet when you crush the leaves? looks like i have something to look forward to on my next walk.