Friday, August 21, 2009

A Song for a Snapdragon.

Turns out there aren't any.  Well, none I like anyways.  I googled "snapdragon songs" and "snapdragon poems" for the better half of my morning and came up empty.  I even consulted my handy dandy "Language of Flowers" book and not one word about my favorite annual.  I did find a few somewhat depressing poems and a movie by Pamela Anderson that bears the same name.  Neither of which held my interest.

I loved snapdragons as a child, squeezing the sides of the bloom to make the "mouth" open.  Who am I kidding, I still do that as an adult.

A few of the blooms in my garden are pictured above.  They have spread everywhere.  None of these plants were planted this year, all have surprised me by returning.  The colors are an even bigger surprise, as I've only bought the pink variety in the center.  I think the garden is trying to tell me I need to add more color.

Such a beautiful flower to go without a song.

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  1. I think snapdragons are wonderful flowers. There's a poem written by D.H. Lawrence called snap-dragon but it's really not pretty. Maybe a pretty one could be written.