Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to School Wine for Back to School Week.

Since the beginning of August, I've planned on dedicating this entire week to back to school blog posts.  And I couldn't have found a more perfect bottle of wine to start the week off.  

A salute to teachers for the latest in my "Cheap Wine with Pretty Labels" series:

Teacher's Pet is a Chardonnay bottled by JZ Vintners in Sonoma County, California.  And it is one of the most clever labels I've seen in a long time.  The details in the illustration alone are worth the $9.99 I paid for the bottle.   I love how the wine name is printed in a typical text book font and printed on handwriting paper.  I love the big apple, the teacher hiding behind the desk, the chalkboard in the background.   And if you look closely, there's a decorative alphabet border above the name of the wine.  I couldn't help but notice both the letter "d" and "p" are printed in Greek letters.  I'm betting that's a sorority reference.

Even the writing on the back of the bottle is thought through.  Here's the touching dedication of the wine proprietor to his mother: "I especially dedicate this wine to my mother, who after raising four kids at home, went on to educate many more in and out of the classroom."

I enjoyed a glass while watching "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".  And if you happen to be in the mood for a good back to school flick, here's a link to Entertainment Weekly's 50 Best High School Movies

So back to school week begins.  And if the calendar wasn't proof enough that summer is coming to an end, I spotted my first fall leaf of the season yesterday.  

Oh, and Ferris Bueller, by the way?  Number 10.


  1. Some of my faves were on that list..butI couldn't believe they didn't have 3 O'clock High..classic movie.
    Love the illustration on the wine!

  2. Never heard of 3 O'clock High. I will have to check that out. Wait--it's not a horror movie is it? That would keep me up for weeks.