Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends.

“fall is here, hear the yell

back to school, ring the bell

brand new shoes, walking blues

climb the fence, book and pens

i can tell that we are gonna be friends”


My sons started school today.  Scratch that.  After 7 years, my sons began a new school today.  With much preparation, they all seem to be fine and are actually very excited about the change.  Me?  Well, I’ve been a bundle of nerves for a week, I can’t do anything today but wonder how they are doing.  Frankly, I’m counting down the minutes until I pick them up this afternoon to see how their day went.

Academically, my boys will be fine.  It's the friend thing I always worry about.  School is so much easier when you have a good friend by your side.  So throughout this nerve wracking morning, my favorite back to school song plays over and over in my head.

I can’t help but hope that my little guy finds a new friend like the one in the song.  Someone to chase ants and worms with.

And that my middle son finds a partner in crime, someone to share a giggle with.  There’s nothing like listening to his infectious laugh.

My oldest?  He’s the one I worry about the most.  I pray he can find a friend or two that he feels comfortable around.  I hope his year is filled with good things and people that are kind to him.  A true friend or two to play video games with, ski with, confide in.  And I truly hope he comes home with plans for a sleepover in the immediate future.


“…and when i wake tomorrow i'll bet

that you and i will walk together again

cause i can tell that we

are going to be friends


  1. Oh, good luck to the little ones!!
    You are such a great momma, always thinking about those babies!

  2. Wow.. I can't believe its already back to school season already.... I get excited even though I haven't ben in school for years!