Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Seven Boys, a Lifeguard and One Very Dead Bird.

When I look back on today, I will remember it as a wonderful evening catching up with two of my closest friends.  Our nine children all played together in the pool, out of the pool, around the pool and ate entirely too much junk food.

I will remember the day as one of the last times our families will all be together for awhile as part of our close knit triangle will sadly be moving away this weekend.  No goodbyes tonight,  I recall "see you later" being decided as our parting words.

I will remember tonight as the night I was introduced to Coldstone Creamery cupcakes.  Oh, yeah.  And you had better believe they are heavenly.  Unbelievably rich and delicious.

Tonight will go down as the night my middle son and one of his closest friends since preschool had their first official sleep over (praying there is actually some sleep involved in the sleep over).

But our sons?  The boys, I am sure, will remember this night as the night of the dead bird.  Helpless little guy stuck in the hood of my friend's car.  And there's no doubt they'll remember the poor lifeguard, his belly still full from the cupcake we had just fed him, trying not to vomit as he removed the poor creature for us.

A nice night.  Could have done without the bird.  But a very nice night.


  1. What a lovely story... apart from the bird :(

  2. Those cupcakes look surreal and delicious...

  3. Those Coldstone Creamery cupcakes look yummy! If it was too much junk food, i.e., Coldstone Creamery cupcakes, that sounds worth it! Sounds like a wonderful memory-laden day!

  4. The cupcakes, I should mention, looked EXACTLY like the pictures. They were so good. And the "wrapper" is edible dark chocolate.

  5. I had no idea Coldstone made cupcakes. Aw man!

  6. Great-- now I want a cupcake-- but not the dead bird. Ew.

  7. Hey do they sell those Cupcakes here in Spain??
    Mmmmmm, need to start a new export business.... hihihihihi

  8. Ha! what a great story. glad I found you and I'm quickly going now to check out the coldstone creamery cupcakes!! Oh my.