Monday, August 24, 2009

The Kid in the Middle of the Class.

Two more days and school starts back up for the boys.  Thinking about them returning has caused me to reflect on my own school days.  I couldn't resist digging up old photos of myself at their respective ages.

Yikes!  Look at the hair in 6th grade.  All of middle school was tough for me, actually.  I wasn’t the smartest,  I wasn’t the prettiest,  I wasn’t the funniest and I admit I certainly wasn’t the nicest.  Heaven knows I wasn’t athletic.  Last one picked in gym class?  Always me.   Growing up in middle school, I always felt like I was just…there.  Not really noticed, not really important.  I was just there. 

If you’re a teacher, chances are you have a student like me in your class.  Not a trouble maker, so you won’t need to dedicate time watching their every move.  Not a genius or a brown noser, so they won’t stand out or draw attention to themselves.  There will be a kid in your classroom that will do average work, follow the rules, and won’t cause you any trouble.  They’ll go unnoticed.  I hope as the school year begins, you’ll take a minute to seek out that kid, I know from experience they won’t come to you.  But I hope you’ll notice that kid and let them feel important, no matter what you’re teaching.  They may not tell you how much it means to them now, but I can guarantee you, the rest of their life they will be grateful to you.

Fortunately for me, I had such a teacher in high school.  And she changed my life forever.


  1. What an awesome post!
    Those pics. I love it...
    I had a similar rough haircut in 5th grade..the chili bowl from hell. haha.

  2. I was that kid in middle and high school too. It was the art teacher in Highschool that took the time to make me feel special, (too bad he was the person responsible for painting a rusted steel sculpture the town had bought from a fairly prominant artist robins egg blue, once I found out I kind of lost my respect for him)

    Also I had the exact same hair as you in grade 3 and 6 only my do's were photographed in grade 5 and 8. Gotta love how those haircuts can really date us.