Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Butcher, Two Bakers, A Crazy Homemaker.

That was my family growing up.  My dad was the butcher and my mom stayed home with me and my siblings (we would have made any person crazy).  Luckily for us kids, both my parents were fond of baking.  And very good at it.

One of my favorite childhood memories was baking cookies with my dad to pack in our school lunches.  We'd pick a recipe from the old blue cookbook, and if we didn't have all the ingredients it required we would search and find a different one.  It was always a challenge to find a recipe on a day you didn't have eggs in the house.

Luckily for me, the baking gene appears to be hereditary.

Nothing like a warm chocolate chip brownie and a glass of milk after a long day at school.


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing some of your childhood memories...

    -Juliann :)

  2. Sounds good. Now I am wondering...is there any chocolate cake left???

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    I will follow your blog and hope you will follow mine :-)

  3. Mmmm Good! Saw you on etsy. Love your blog.