Thursday, October 1, 2009

Whatever Happened to Supertramp?

"It's raining again..."

All week long, rain, rain, rain.  Cold and rainy and dreary.  I searched today for Peter, Paul and Mary's "Rain, Rain Go Away" on YouTube and came up blank (wouldn't you have liked to hear that song today?).  I did, however, stumble across another awesome song I had completely forgotten about.

I used to love Supertramp as a kid.  "Breakfast in America" was one of my most played cassettes.  I remember blaring "Goodbye Stranger" while my sister and I played Barbies.  We'd pretend Ken was singing the song as he was ditching Barbie.  For some reason Ken was always riding away on horseback during the chorus and one of us always got to pretend Barbie was crying. Looking back, I don't know if we were reenacting a western movie or just wanted to get some use of that horse.  But we would play that song and reenact this scene over and over.

As a mom now, I'm thinking my sister and I were some pretty freaky kids.  Not 100% sure I would have let my kids play with us.

Sorry, I really went off on an old person tangent today.  It's raining.  And I want to know where Supertramp went.  Ignore the crazy Barbie stuff.

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  1. The Crazy Barbie stuff sounds hauntingly familiar, except we didn't have a Ken doll or a horse. We used to play Barbies on the bar in our basement, it was a huge one that had tufted red vinyl on the front, a fridge and a sink and a cupboard big enough to fit a keg, Since my parents never had big parties we used it for a playhouse, it's a wonder we didn't grow up to be lushes by osmosis.

    Peter Paul & Mary would have been good here yesterday we had a morning deluge