Thursday, October 8, 2009

Paying It Forward on My Etsyversary.

Next Thursday, October 15th, will mark the anniversary of my very first sale on Etsy.  Listed my first item on August 28, 2008.  And let me tell you those were 48 excruciatingly long days.  Waiting, hoping, nearly giving up and closing shop altogether.  When I finally got that Etsy transaction email announcing I finally had made a sale,  I stared and stared (and stared) at the computer screen in shock.

A photo of my first item sold 
(don't worry, the name and number are fictional).

To see a "1" for sales instead of that big old goose egg I'd been staring at for 48 days gave me an incredible boost of confidence.  It made me believe maybe I really could make a go at this.  If one person would buy from me--surely someone else would as well.

It was a huge turning point.

I've thought long and hard about how I would celebrate this day.  And I can't think of a better way to mark it than by "paying it forward".  So in honor of my first sale, I will be giving an Etsyian their first sale.  I want to give someone else a boost, maybe give an artist a little bit of hope.

I have been searching and pouncing and will post in the Etsy forums as well for that special something.  My purchase will be $50 or under, and I am looking for something that I personally can not do (i.e. no papergoods, wedding items, stationery, baked goods).  

What do I like?  I love ceramics/pottery, jewelry, photography, handbags.  I am more of an artsy person, rather than crafty.  I am not particularly girly and not interested in baby or children's items.  And I do not have pets.  I love the beach, the ocean, the color blue.  Maybe this helps you if you happen to be waiting for that first sale.  

My purchase will be made on Thursday, I'll share the item with everyone on my blog on Friday.

Please don't be shy.  Take a chance.  Post a comment if you would like me to browse your shop.  I will happily check out your listings.  And if I don't select my purchase from you, maybe one of my readers will.  Keep working hard, don't give up.  You will make that first sale.

And what about you?  Made a sale and looking to pay it forward?  I'll give you a head start--my sister's shop "Lark's Nest".  I know she would love and appreciate a (non relative purchased) first sale of her own.  Or feel free to choose a listing from the comments I hope to receive. 

I truly can't wait to see what you're creating!


  1. What a fabulous idea!! I can't wait to hear about what you buy =)

  2. awesome idea. I have a new feature Pay it Forward Friday!! come check it out sometime

  3. Hope you won't mind if I spread the word a bit?
    This I believe is one of the most beautiful uplifting blog post I have come across.

  4. please spread the word, rose! i sincerely appreciate your help!

  5. that is so sweet of've inspired me to go search pounce!

  6. so great! my dear friend Evanna is praying for her first sale, it would really help her ALOT, to get it...


  7. yes I too have been inspired. Even if I can't afford to shop a nice tweet or facebook mention could help with that first sale.
    Think I may stalk some new sellers.

  8. I remember that first sale feeling too. What a nice way to celebrate it.

  9. Hey Aparil, just read your story, and it is quite inspiring. For someone just starting up and jumping into everything, it's good to hear encouraging words. Keep up the good work!

  10. This is exciting! I'm pumped to see what you buy :) and I'm glad you linked your sister's shop, I didn't know she had one!