Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Domino, I Miss You So.

In my mass cleaning binge last week,  I recycled 6 bags of magazines I'd been holding onto.  I saved several garden magazines, a few organization publications made the cut as well.  But every single issue of the now (sadly) shuttered Domino magazine remains in my home.

Premiere issue on the left.  Final issue on the right.

Nothing like a stack of Domino's on a Baroque coffee table lacquered with 1970 Dodge avocado green automotive paint.  
I'm a Domino gal alright.  

It has been 8 months since my favorite magazine of all time ceased publication.  And I still miss receiving it. I was a loyal reader from the very beginning, subscribing shortly after that.  It was a unique magazine that I instantly connected with.  The one magazine that when it arrived in my mailbox each month, everything stopped.  I'd curl up on the couch and read all the articles, check out the website, enter the contests.  The homes featured were always unique, personal artistic places.  Not perfectly decorated symmetrical rooms you were afraid to touch anything in.  But homes comprised of pieces lovingly collected over time.  Pieces that told a story in warm, artsy welcoming spaces.

There's nothing out there like this awesome magazine, and believe me, I've certainly tried to find a replacement.  As for me?  Still working on creating that warm, artsy, not so perfect home of my own. 

So sad it will never have a chance to appear in Domino.

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  1. Me too! So sad :( Domino was the first design magazine I felt "got me"! Now they send me Glamour to fill out the rest of my subscription. Um, it's definitely cute, and positive, but it's so not me, and it's so not Domino.