Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drunk Bees Ruined Everything.

See this spot?

Picture if you will, a beautiful little apple tree planted here.  That's what my secret plan was for this spot next spring.  I had all these fairy tale visions about going out and picking fresh apples off a tree growing in my own backyard.  I could picture the house smelling like homemade apple pie, making fresh apple butter, or just picking an apple off the tree for a backyard snack.

Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Two days ago, my son came home from school talking about drunk bees and apples.   And it was some scary stuff that made me rethink the whole backyard tree thing.  I've spent some time conducting super scientific google research since our conversation and it turns out to be true.  Bees really do get drunk off of fermented apples (and other fruit).  And drunk bees are mean, aggressive bees.  Mean, aggressive bees that sting and attack for no reason at all.  Probably not a good combination with a yard full of boys playing football.

So.  No apple tree.  Drunk bees ruined everything.


  1. Not that it helps, but Drunk Bees Ruined Everything would be an amazing album name :D