Friday, October 16, 2009

A Purchase to Pay it Forward.

For those of you that don't know, yesterday marked the one year anniversary of my very 1st sale on Etsy.  And what a year it was.  I am so grateful for all of those that have supported me and the wonderful clients I have been lucky enough to work with.  A very heartfelt thank you to you all!

In honor of my anniversary, I decided to "pay it forward" by purchasing an item from an Etsyian yet to make a sale.  Their first sale on the anniversary of my first sale.  I spent hours pouncing, searching for items, reading profiles and lurking in the forums for that special something.

My search (and my heart) stopped when I found this: 

Don't you just love my new bracelet?  

The designer of this wonderful piece of jewelry and my "pay it forward" selection is Elizabeth of Elizabeth Plumb Jewelry .  I had such a wonderful time looking through her shop (I know you will, too).   But this piece was one of those "this is it, this is the one" kind of moments.  The photo of the bracelet remained open on my desktop much of the week.  I'd take a break just to stare at it every once in awhile.  I couldn't wait until Thursday when I could officially make it mine.

I have to share with you an edited description Elizabeth wrote on the piece, as it played a big part in me making this selection.

"Pearls are said to give the wearer a sense of calmness and centeredness, and to promote faith, loyalty, truth and purity.... They can especially enhance personal integrity.

Sterling Silver improves speech and brings eloquence.....Sterling Silver will also help you make a graceful entrance and exit...

Garnet is associated with vitality, courage, passion, love, sensuality and self-confidence. Garnet blesses its wearer with good health, victory over enemies and wealth. Garnet makes the person knowledgeable and improves higher education and professional prospects. Garnet improves imagination."

Every time I wear this bracelet, I know I will be reminded of this special anniversary.  And I hope the attributes in the description will help guide me through my 2nd year.   It means much more to have purchased it from Elizabeth who was so kind and grateful--makes the bracelet even more meaningful to me. 

Happy for her, happy for me, happy with my new purchase.


  1. Congrats on your etsyversary! That is such a thoughtful gesture to purchase something from a newbie to commemorate your first sale! :)


  2. good choice!! Happy etsyversary!! and many more!

  3. nice piece - I hope this is the first of many sales for her and many anniversaries for you!
    p.s. - Middle Sister sitting on my shelf waiting to be tasted!

  4. oh, middle sister!! which one did you choose, joy? you have to let me know what you think. love your new avatar, that may just be my next piece of jewelry.

  5. That is really a cool way to celebrate your Etsyversary! Lovely bracelet too.

  6. that artist has beautiful silver earings shaped like tulips with a pearl inside.. if we have any family reading this and are looking for christmas gift ideas.. :)