Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lessons Learned from a Fall Field Trip.

Chaperoned my son's field trip to a pumpkin patch today.  And what a perfect day for the trip. Couldn't think of anything I would rather do then spend the beautiful fall day with my little guy and his classmates.

And of course, there was much to be learned today.
  1. I learned that if you scratch a farm dog in exactly the right spot, he will pee all over an unsuspecting 6 year old.  Can I mention how relieved I was this child wasn't riding home with me?
  2. Prickly burrs grow in pumpkin patches.  Something I wish we had learned before we let loose a group of 1st graders into a field to find a pumpkin.
  3. Prickly burrs also grow in corn fields.  Again, something I wish I knew before I spent 15 minutes removing the burrs from the pumpkin expedition.
  4. There is one strand of corn silk for each kernel on an ear of corn.  Did not know that. 
  5. If there is one cat and one person with cat allergies on a 100+ acre farm, the cat will indeed find and stalk that one person.
  6. This rule also applies to bees and children terrified of them.
  7. I learned that the inside of a green pumpkin is orange, the inside of a white pumpkin is white.
  8. Soybeans eaten directly out of the shell taste horrific.  Trust me, they need to be roasted first.
  9. If you've watched or read "Children of the Corn", you'll find corn mazes a lot less charming and a lot more frightening.  Stupid, scary movie.
  10. Speaking of children and corn, if you are responsible for 5 boys in a corn maze, chances are they will all choose different paths in the maze.  Some will even make a path of their own (at which point the map becomes completely useless).
No bee stings, no allergic reactions to soy nuts, all children returned safely home.

A very good day.

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  1. I love your synopsis of the chaperone detail! I felt like I was there! You are a brave, brave woman trying the soy nuts...