Monday, October 5, 2009

Rash, Rain, Rant. Repeat.

And that pretty much sums up the way last week went for me.

Here's a brief rundown of the annoying week (notice I didn't say bad.  Just annoying.)

  1. Husband brings home new bottle of wine to try out.  New wine causes the entire left side of my face to break out into a very red, very unattractive itchy rash.  Thinking maybe it wasn't as bad as it looked to me, asked my husband if he could notice it.  I believe his reaction was something like "Whoa--what happened to your face!"  
  2. Bad reaction to wine leads to scrapping this week's "Cheap Wine with Pretty Labels" post.
  3. Itchy, inflamed face and rain much of the week lead me to remain housebound.
  4. Remaining housebound was boring.
  5. Boring led to a massive cleaning out of the laundry room and basement, many trips to recycle, trips to Goodwill and a lot of questions about why we own half of this stuff.
  6. Rain most of the week also led to the cancellation of both my weekly leaf photos and the hike I had hoped to take.
This week started off better.  Tried enchiladas for the first time (okay, where have they been all my life?),  baked a delicious, homemade apple crisp, went to 2 football games without getting rained on, and I am still 4-0 in the family football pool.  The rash has finally cleared up, and I enjoyed a nice glass of Red Stripe in lieu of wine.  

Oh, and my basement?  Much, much cleaner.


  1. Oh my goodness! I sympathize about the rash - two winters ago I broke out in hives everywhere (starting with my eyelids) and I knocked myself out on Benadryl and stayed in the house for three days. I can stand having a cold, but rashes drive me nuts! Anyway, I'm glad yours cleared up eventually and at least something productive came of it!

  2. aww, yes. i was medicated for much of the week as well. that also annoys me. hate to take medication. luckily no hives for me, though. that sounds terrible!

  3. sorry about the rash--i have a friend who developed a very severe allergy to red wine--went into anaphalactic shock and was rushed to the hospital, actually. your reaction was fairly severe...i'd be careful! reactions worsen over time....sorry to be a poop but just was thinking your story sounded like hers....

  4. Glad to hear the rash is gone and you are having a better week! Can't believe you'd never had enchiladas before! Mmmm mmmm good!

  5. Sorry about the rash, I hope the wine at least tasted good. We've had lots of rain here also. Enchiladas are great, glad you come over to the dark side(oh I mean good side) of tasty!! lol