Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little Things.

Today was a good day filled with lots of little good things.

  • Yoga. The day started off with the best yoga class ever.  I mean ever.  Made me remember why I need to continue to go.  And why I need to go more often. 
  • Sunshine.  The rain stopped, the sun came out, the air warmed up.  It was wonderful.
  • Candy corn.  Officially cracked open bag number 4 today.  I so love candy corn.
  • Clean house.  The house is clean.  Until the boys came home from school, anyways.
  • Chicken nuggets.  All 3 boys are buying lunch tomorrow.  Such a rare occasion to not pack a single lunch.
  • Survivor and Grey's.  Both new episodes.
  • Short list.  Totally tackled the to do list.  Not completely, but crossed more off than I have in months.
  • Soak.  I love a good soak in a perfectly hot, bubble bath.
  • Fresh.  Freshly laundered sheets.
I need more days like today.

I loved this day.

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