Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leaf Letdown.

The weatherman is predicting snow this weekend.  

I hate the weatherman.

In any event, thought I'd scan the leaves one last time before the snow falls.  Walked around in the cold rainy 42 degree weather to collect them, probably ruined my scanner scanning them. Saw all kinds of beautiful trees and leaves during my frigid leaf collecting.  

Unfortunately, I did not choose to observe any of those leaves.

No, as you can see I managed to choose all the ugly brown ones or the ones that stay completely green.  Note to self: cross botany off list of back up career options.  

The top right leaf is beautiful, if I knew what kind of tree that was I would plant more of them. Bottom middle yellow leaf is pretty.  The tree it came from?  Not so much.  

All in all, leaf scan project was a total leaf letdown.


  1. top right is a maple leaf, as is the bottom middle as to which type of maple they are Icouldn't say. That's as far as my botany knowledge goes. I like the mix of all green, and spotted brown. The one on the center has a nice pattern and colour

  2. hmm...i thought the one on the bottom middle was a sweetgum. that was one of the only ones i was confident about. or is that a kind of maple? the trees look so different from each other. this really seems like something i should know. maybe i will google them.

  3. snow already! i actually like seeing all the leaves together... i think they are quite pretty. ;)