Saturday, September 12, 2009

"It Could Be 80, It Could Be 8."

That's the age estimate the homeowner (and new friend) gave me on the latest "True Love Always" carving.  I've mentioned before that I live in a wonderful old historic town.  This drawing happens to be painted inside the detached garage of one of those beautifully renovated century homes, which gives a very wide span in predicting it's age.

I always have so many questions when I see these declarations.  This was no exception.  Of course I wonder who Brad and Amy are, how old they were, how long this marking has been here.  I knew quite a few Brad and Amy's back in my high school days, so I imagine they are around my age.  The handwriting to me looks feminine.  I also noticed that Brad's name is first and more care is taken to writing his name.  Which leads me to think Amy lived in this house and made these marks.  I also have to wonder how her parents felt about her marking up the garage.  And then I think, maybe it was a married couple excited about buying their new home.

In any case, if Brad and Amy are interested in a visit to the garage, their time is running out.  The building and the carving are to be torn down in the next few weeks.

On a personal note, I do want to thank my new friend both for bringing this to my attention and allowing me to photograph it.  Met her and her husband at a dinner party last week (she's the one holding the wine bottle near the fire in my last wine post).  Thank you to "the real MH"!

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