Thursday, September 3, 2009

Location, Location.

The little info box in your Etsy shop with your location name?  Fill it in.  

Here's why:

About 6 months ago, the editor of our town magazine "Hudson Life" contacted me.  She was writing a story on local artists with shops on Etsy and wondered if I would be interested in appearing (seriously, like I'm going to turn this down).  How'd she find me, you ask?  By doing a "Shop Local" search on Etsy.  And she would never have found me if I hadn't filled in my location box accurately.

In any event, a very nice article was written and just released this month.  Complete with a photo, a link to my website and a lengthy interview.  The magazine was distributed to over 10,000 homes in my area.  Pretty awesome free press, if you ask me.  

Thanks, Hudson Life!


  1. wonderful! thanks for the advise

  2. Wow, this is great! Congrats and thanks for sharing this cool story...