Saturday, September 5, 2009

Running Out of Summer.

Beautiful day here today.  And I'm spending as much time as I can outside enjoying it.  Football games in the morning, pool in the afternoon, dinner outside this evening.

I tried to capture the warmth of the sun on my face at the pool today, but the iPhone view just doesn't give it justice.

Here's my feeble attempt:

I did have a wonderful "Sunshine On My Shoulders" YouTube video link here, but boy, was it slowing my blog down.  Unfortunately, I had to delete it.  It's a pity as it captured the sun far better than my photo did.

Hope you are able to squeeze in a bit of sunshine into your weekend.


  1. Oh, sunshine! :) Lately I have been getting ready for fall, but the sunshine is always a welcome sight. Great picture!

  2. Happily I'm in Israel right now so summer is still in full swing :)