Saturday, September 19, 2009

Go Take a Hike.

Really.  You should.

Every fall, the MetroParks in the county I live in hosts a Fall Hiking Spree.  Basically, participants have 3 months to hike 8 of 13 selected park trails.  First time hikers receive a hiking staff once the spree is complete, veteran hikers receive a medallion to hang on the staff.  Pretty cool and free for residents of my county.

Every fall, I say I am going to do the spree.  And every fall I never get around to it.  Until now.

And I am so glad I did.

I took the photos above.  My little guy surprised me by asking for the camera halfway through the hike.  He's never done that before, so it was interesting to see the journey through his eyes.  His photos are below.

It's okay if you like his photos more than mine, I do too.

I will note that I did have to drag the boys to the hike.  No interest at all on their part.  But once there, they had a wonderful time playing with sticks, climbing on rocks and tossing stones in the pond.  And they spent the entire car ride home picking out the next trail.  It was a great day.

1 hike down, 7 more to go.


  1. Hmmmm, looks like we live in the same county! I've been doing the hiking sprees almost every year for 25+ years now. Absolutely love them!!

  2. Wonderful photos!

    I posted photos from my day yesterday with the Amish :-)

  3. Great photos! Very inspiring to go take a hike, maybe next weekend ;)

  4. What a cool hiking program! I love your pictures too, especially the one of the sun through the trees. I like hiking too - a much better way to exercise than hitting the treadmill!

  5. While I like your photo's my favourites are your little guys too. What a great reminder about being an artist, see the world like a child.

    We love going out for a walk in the woods, luckily for us there are so many large wooded areas here. Our thanksgiving is never complete unless we hit the Salmon Hatchery and trails along the Capilano River.

    Have a great next hike

  6. Makes me want to take a hike before fall really gets into full swing!

  7. What a great idea! I wish there was a program like that in my area.