Monday, June 1, 2009

Bird Watching.

For the second year in a row the trellis in our backyard has been graced with the presence of a cardinal nest.  We were thrilled to see the beautiful birds return as we had a wonderful time watching the male and female cardinal last year.  It was fascinating to observe them search for twigs to build their nest, listen to their distinct chirps, gather food for the babies and then witness the last little baby fly away.  Since their return this year, the birds are even more comfortable with our family and have let me in a bit closer to observe and take pictures.
Not a great photo, but was so happy to get one of both the male and female together.  They are never far from each other, but usually fly away when they see me.

The nest is wedged between the iron trellis and the side of the garage.  I worried about it's sturdiness last year.  After I tried (and failed) to remove the old nest for a school science project, I realized the birds knew what they were doing and that nest isn't going anywhere.
My sons have a remote control airplane.  I told them to please be careful around the nest.  Which was immediately followed by the out of control airplane getting stuck 6 inches above the nest.  I did manage to get a cool picture of the eggs out of the rescue.  Before this, I had never seen a cardinal egg.
Four days later, I couldn't resist another peak.  Baby cardinals!  Looks like they have just hatched.
A closer shot taken the same day.  They could barely hold their little heads up.
The male cardinal is never far from the nest.  He sits on the patio chair outside my kitchen window much of the day, chirping back and forth to the female.

I'll be sure to continue watching and taking pictures as best as I can without disturbing the birds too much.  Hope you'll check back!

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  1. Thank you for the photos that radiate the love and plant the peace in the heart