Friday, May 29, 2009

I left my shoes out in the rain.

Yes, I left my shoes out in the rain last night. My 10 year old perfectly worn in garden shoes. And it wasn't because I had forgotten to bring them in before it rained. I wish that were the case. No, my favorite shoes were left outside in a pouring rain thunderstorm all afternoon because I was afraid of this....

Tiny little harmless gartner snake peaking his head out of the patio steps all day yesterday. Every time I looked at him I shuddered.  He'd leave for awhile, and then I'd glance over and he would pop his little head up again.  There he was scratching his head on the stones, basking in the sun.  He was pretty comfortable in that little crack and I admit I was afraid to grab my shoes sitting 4 inches from his head. He probably was more afraid of me than I was of him. I realize that. But I was afraid and it bothered me that I was. I'm not a girly girl, this snake should not bother me. But he did. So to redeem myself, I spent the evening compiling a list of non-girly girl things that I do or have done.
  1. The star tipped screwdriver?  It's called a Phillips head.  I know this.  I always call it a Phillips head. 
  2. I took wood shop in middle school on my own free will.  There was only one other girl in the class with me.  I admit I may have chosen this elective in order to meet boys, but I did take the class.
  3. I have put down mulch in my entire garden.  On my own.  20 yards of mulch, thank you very much, and I've done it 5 times now.
  4. I have assembled a gas grill.  Start to finish.  And yes, it worked when I was done.
  5. I own a contractor grade drill and I use it.  Everyone should own a power drill.  I also own 3 electric sanders.
  6. I know what a stud is and I know how to find one.
  7. I have removed a dead bird from a backyard pond.
  8. I can fill my own car with windshield wiper fluid. 
  9. I know what a triple double is.
  10. I know you tighten a screw to the right.  I don't need to say "righty tighty, lefty loosy" in my head to remember this.

Yes, I remain afraid of snakes.  And yes, I will be buying new garden shoes, my old ones are soaked.

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  1. I can be a girly girl at times, especially now that I am married and have a husband to take care of the "manly" things.

    But I too know which screwdriver is which, took wood shop in middle school of my own free will (and loved it!!!), had a 10'x10' garden (when I had a house, rather than an apt.), know what a stud is and how to find one, have removed dead mice aplenty from my home (on glue traps...and a LONG time ago, when I was renting an old mobile home), can fill my own car with wiper fluid, know what a triple double is, and know how to tighten a screw. I also assembled a whole closet system (shelves and racks and all) when I had my house. I can also change a tire.

    And I am STILL afraid of snakes! I got bitten by a baby rattlesnake when my son was a baby, and it was AWFUL!!!

    :-) Angie (