Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Monica Room

True confession time.  I am a Monica.  

You remember the T.V. show "Friends"?   Well, if I had to best describe myself as any sitcom character, it would probably be Monica (played by Courtney Cox).  Don't look anything like her, mind you, but personality wise, pretty good match.  Monica was a little intense, a little uptight, liked order and needed to have everything around her organized and in its place.  For the most part, that's me.  I have 3 sons and a husband, so there is a little more room for error around our house.  But the take out menus are bound in a 3 ring binder and marked "take out menus" (with a label maker, of course. I own two).  The junk drawer is neatly organized in compartments and all compartments are labeled.  Christmas decorations are placed in, you guessed it, labeled plastic containers.  Clothes hangers in our home are color coded, sock drawers have dividers, video games are separated by system.  Order is good.
Now if you were a fan of "Friends", you may remember the episode where the secret room in Monica's tidy apartment was discovered.  The very disorganized, junk drawer of a room that know one knew about much less was allowed to set foot in it.  It was called "the Monica room".  Do you see where I am going with this?

I have a "Monica room".   
You would think saying it out loud would be bad enough, but no, I am going to actually post a photo.  A carefully selected photo and not the worst one in the bunch.  This corner of the room is the "neat" area.  And look quickly, because at any moment I may lose my nerve and delete this from my blog.

Why would I do this, you ask?  Because I have accepted a challenge.  A group of us on the Etsy Greetings team are taking on the task of reorganizing our workspaces together.  We'll be posting regularly during the process and linking to each other's blogs.  At the end of 4 weeks, we are hopeful that we will be creating up a storm in our new and improved rooms (pardon me, I just laughed when I typed 4 weeks).  But anyways, I'll do my best and I'll be posting pictures of my progress (or lack thereof).  Be sure to check back, it should be interesting.




  1. Shannon,

    This was hilarious! I posted a link back to your blog from mine: http://mollyleecards.blogspot.com/2009/06/two-new-challenge-participants.html

    Welcome aboard! Keep me posted about your progress!

  2. Shannon....YOU CALL THAT MESSY ???? You are practically cheating on the challenge starting off so good ! This is where THINGS HAPPEN and CREATIVITY FLOWS....

  3. hey bunny, i chickened out and didn't post the REALLY messy side of the room. no one should be subjected to that view.