Friday, June 26, 2009

A Plan for the Office

This week has been crazy busy for me.  I hit the Etsy gift guide for the first time, celebrated my 100th sale on Etsy and I am enjoying spending time with the boys who are now home for summer vacation.  All good things, but the office makeover was momentarily put on hold.  Life has settled down again and I am happy to have a second to update my progress. 

Our home office is truly the grand central station of our house.  The boys use the computer and do their homework there.  My husband frequently brings work home which he completes in this space.  Oh, yeah, and then there's me with all of my supplies, printer, etc.  So it's a large room, but much is required of it.

To deal with the challenge of this space, I created a computerized floor plan with the exact room dimensions.  I also measured the larger objects currently in the room (desk, table, filing cabinets) and printed those out as well. 

The photo above is the layout of the room before the makeover (that back right corner wasn't empty, picture it piled with envelopes, paper and a printer to get a more accurate image).  As you can see, every piece of furniture is pushed up against a wall creating a huge area of wasted space in the center of the room.  Odd way to arrange the room.

Playing around with furniture placement.  Unfortunately, my husband's favorite chair is going to have to be relocated.

The final floor plan.  Bringing the desk into the center of the room actually makes the room appear much larger.  This placement also creates more wall space for much needed storage.  The empty wall to the right of the door will be my area.  I'm drawing up plans for a workspace here.

And a photo of the rearranged room.  There are still clutter issues, but the new layout is working great for everyone.

Next up: paint.  Be sure to check back for a cool technique I have decided on.  Can't wait to try it out.


  1. This floorplan looks great and it seems you'll be getting more out of the space. Can't wait to see the paint job!

  2. Your room looks great! I'm in the process of reorganizing my studio...and let's just say the process has become...well, I'm bald on one side of my head where I've been pulling my hair out!!! (: It will get day (:

  3. Looks great!! Way to make the space work for everyone! Can't wait to see the paint job.