Monday, July 6, 2009

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.

That pretty much sums up the progress of my office makeover (bet you were thinking I had given up on the project due to my lack of updates).   

Here's how the week has gone:
  1. I attempt to paint an accent wall.  Need to remove all contents of newly organized bookcase in order to do this.  Thus messing up the entire neatly reorganized office.  The place looks messier than it did before the makeover.
  2. Run out of paint for the accent wall.  Paint store is closed.  Cannot buy paint.
  3. Decide to work on drapes for office instead.  Cut fabric.  Realize I have enough drapery lining for one window.  Office has two windows.  Fabric store is closed.
So here is my office progress:  I cannot walk in the office due to the contents of the bookcase and the miscellaneous paint supplies all over the floor.  My entire home smells like paint.  I have drapery fabric arranged in various spots throughout the living and dining room so it doesn't get wrinkled before I can make the trip to the store to buy more lining.

Am I frustrated?  

Let's just say I really need this office redo to be done.


  1. Hang in there, April. It sounds like it's gonna be beautiful!

  2. Oh yes...isn't it always the of luck and hope it's finished soon...

  3. Hang in there!! It will be gorgeous!

    I have had similar situations - I have a workable area that I love, but still have stuff everywhere waiting for a home!!

    You will love it when it is finished!!


  4. I really need to redo my craft room, it's the last room in the house that needs work. But there is so much stuff in there it's scary getting started.

  5. I am sure your husband is dying for it to be finished

  6. very funny, mr. pac. now get off my blog or i'll start writing about you.

  7. You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs! And you're at the messiest part right now. Wait til you're done painting and you can move your stuff into your bright new space. You're going to LOVE it!!!