Friday, July 17, 2009

I Am Never Doing Laundry Again.

Why, you ask?

Because today these arrived at our home:

And I have no absolutely no clue how to use them.

I wanted to buy a new washer and dryer about as much as I'd like a hole in my head.  But after 17 years, annual repairs to the dryer and a washer that no longer drains, it was time.  They sure are a pretty duo, I'll say that much. I just might leave the door to the laundry room open so everyone can see them.  But operating them?  That's a whole different story.

For the past 17 years, when I wanted to dry clothes I pushed a button that said "START" and my clothes would dry.  That's it.  If I wanted to get all crazy, I could choose the delicate cycle. Now?  Well, now I have to deal with this electronic device reminiscent of an airplane control panel.  No, I've never actually flown a plane, but I'm thinking if I can figure out this dryer I may just give it a try.  I have a cycle selector (11 choices in this setting alone), a dry level button and temperature, time, and signal selections.  If you can tell me what any of those options are and why in heavens name I need them, I would certainly appreciate it.

The washer?  For starters, the darn thing plays music for some apparent reason I can't figure out.  Why does a washer need to play music?  No lie, every time it happens I think the ice cream truck is coming down the street.  Three times today I ran to the window hoping to catch the truck and snag a drumstick.

So the laundry continues to pile up.  And it's looking like I may have to spend my afternoon reading appliance instruction manuals.  For the record, I really could go for a drumstick.  Where is that ice cream truck when I need it?


  1. I have 12 settings on my washing machine - I only ever use one... I have tons of buttons that I never touch and my laundry is fine!
    Good luck!

  2. Where is this magic button of which you speak? I need to know.

  3. You crack me up! That is a beautiful washer and dryer - hope you figure it out someday!

  4. Gorgeous set! You made me laugh though. It's obvious the music is there to soothe your nerves so you don't kick them. Are you sure it didn't come with a How-to CD? Seems like everything comes with one of those that then is burned onto the hard drive for posterity.

    If you find the ice cream truck, I'll take a Big Stick.

  5. Can you change the music? You could put some Ramones or Clash on there :)

  6. Can I change the music? Who knows. I'm proud of myself that I am now able to actually operate it (although I really do like the Ramones idea). Oh, and the ice cream truck came by today. Missed it. I thought the music was coming from the washer.

  7. What a riot, I don't ever want to buy a new washer and dryer either. I am quite attached to my white and woodgrain duo. When it finally takes three times thru the dryer to dry something I will have to give in.